Alice Fominyam Scholarship Foundation

The Alice Fominyam Scholarship Foundation has been instrumental in helping the Primary School pupils in Medig Zone Mbengwi-Momo Division, North West Region, Cameroon, providing them with some basic needs like uniform, books, pens, pencils and other school needs. The organization equally organizes Reading and Writing Tests for pupils which earn them some motivation to help them foster their education. The Foundation also provides textbooks to schools.

The organization intends to progress to other zones of Mbengwi sub Division and Momo Division, as a whole, in the nearest future.

This campaign is for to maintenance of Independent African-centered Schools and other educational initiatives in the DC area and beyond.  All donations for this campaign will be collected and awarded to the school(s) determined to be most in need.  Contributors can also indicate a particular need or school to which they would like their contribution directed.We will provide information about the school’s history, philosophy and academic standing. We will also keep you up-to-date on the contributions that we receive, the awards that are made to schools and other initiatives.

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