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This campaign is for the maintenance of Independent African-centered Schools and other educational initiatives in the DC area and beyond.  All donations for this campaign will be collected and awarded to the school(s) determined to be most in need.  Contributors can also indicate a particular need or school to which they would like their contribution directed.

We will provide information about the school’s history, philosophy and academic standing. We will also keep you up-to-date on the contributions that we receive, the awards that are made to schools and other initiatives.

Donations can be made payable to the Universal Education Empowerment Foundation or UEEF via check or debit/credit card.

To provide educational resources and monetary support to financially disadvantaged private schools chosen in the United States and Africa.

  • To assist in providing entrepreneurship training and guidance. 

  • To assist in providing mentoring services.

  • To assist in providing computer training.

The mission of the Universal Education Empowerment Foundation is to provide material, financial, and technical support to 
independent African-centered schools and training 
centers throughout the world.

To the Ideal Family of Friends and Supporters:

We are sincerely grateful for your love and support.

Although you may have heard that the Academy for Ideal Education has closed down, the clarification of the situation is that the Board of the Academy decided that the school would take a one or two year sabbatical from the operation of the full time school in order to make strategic plans for the organization.

During this planning period we will operate the Ideal Super Learning Center(ISLC). The ISLC will provide on-site tutoring, workshops and classes at the Emergence Collective Arts Center(ECAC) at 733 Euclid St. NW, Washington DC, 20001 and at our Northeast Location on Bunker Hill Road.

For more information, specific offerings and dates for classes and seminars, please call the school at 202 269-3186.~M. Paulette Jones-Imaan

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