Independent African-centered School Campaign 

This campaign is for to maintenance of Independent African-centered Schools and other educational initiatives in the DC area and beyond.  All donations for this campaign will be collected and awarded to the school(s) determined to be most in need.  Contributors can also indicate a particular need or school to which they would like their contribution directed.

We will provide information about the school’s history, philosophy and academic standing. We will also keep you up-to-date on the contributions that we receive, the awards that are made to schools and other initiatives.

Our first campaign “It Takes A Village” is designed to provide financial and material support to up to three Independent African-centered Schools in the DC area.  All donations will be awarded to the school to which they have been directed.  If donations for a particular purpose do not specify a particular school, the donation will be forwarded to the school(s) found to be in the greatest need.


Ujamaa Shule/School


Ujamaa Shule is an independent private school, pre-school through high school emphasizing Academic Excellence and Character Development. The school was founded to provide an educational institution that would ensure Afrikan children the development of a strong positive self-image,

a sense of values, and the achievement of academic excellence.

Ujamaa's program provides for training in all facets of life; building character, independence, self-sufficiency and positive approaches to meeting life’s challenges. It is the mission of Ujamaa Shule to develop the total being and ensure each child reaches his or her highest potential. We build character, independence, and encourage positive approaches to meeting life's challenges. Our goal is to facilitate the highest potential within each child.


Academy for Ideal Education







Helping every student to realize his/her highest potential in mind, body emotions & spirit. AIE uses techniques of introspection, centering, relaxation, stretches, and affirmations, and the application of these in students’ lives to awaken, nurture and draw into outer expression those inner qualities of love, truth, intelligence and joy abiding at the core of every individual. 

The mission of the Academy for Ideal Education (AIE) is to ensure that students actualize their fullest potential in mind and body through a balanced academic and affective education program. The goal is to empower students to excel academically, to achieve maximum self-reliance and personal fulfillment and to be self-actualized as competent, contributing citizens in a diverse, global society.










NationHouse was founded in July 1974 in Washington, D. C.  NationHouse grew out of the student activism of Howard University community in the late 1960s.

NationHouse is one of the oldest independent Afrikan centered schools in the United States and in the DC metropolitan area serving the specific needs of children of Afrikan heritage from pre-school to twelfth grade.  


Today, NationHouse continues to serve families in the development and enculturation of responsible youth who are committed to their families, their community and their Afrikan culture/heritage.

Currently, NationHouse maintains three fully functioning programs.  Watoto School, serving pre-kindergarten through fourth grade students and Sankofa Institute, for fifth and sixth grade students, are the major programs.  The Afrikan Youth Organization (AYO) provides after school activities for students.

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